Academic Philosophy 

Parents and students at St. Alban’s Day School are committed to learning at the highest level. They have a desire and ability to undertake challenging curriculum, platform with distinction at the secondary level, and strive to be productive citizens within the school and the world at large.

Beginning at 18 months old, our program builds a foundation based on God, love, family and academic excellence. The curriculum at St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School is based upon children’s interests, past experiences, and developmental levels. Our program is center based with focus on language and literacy, math and numbers, art, science, dramatic play and music. This allows the child to explore, create, experiment, and discover. The centers provide many opportunities for the child to practice new skills and to make choices and decisions within the framework of cooperative responsibility. This will ensure that each child is successful, enjoys learning, and takes pride in his/her accomplishments. Centers also allow for more individualized instruction which is at the heart of our preschool program.

The philosophy continues into grades 1-6, where we strive to offer a 21st century learning approach - where teachers and facilitators, presenting subjects as part of a broader picture of the human experience. Technology is a priority and students are not only taught how to use the technology but how to incorporate it into their daily learning. Teachers strive to not just give their students information, but to train them to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills, giving students the habit and discipline of self-education.

Service learning and spiritual formation is at the heart of what St. Alban’s is all about. Religious life and community service are incorporated weekly through chapel and religion classes and students are challenged to develop clear moral standards - preparing them for the choices and responsibilities that face them in a free society.

Learning is a lifetime process. Growth in learning is unique to each child.

What makes us different from other schools?

Safety and Facilities 

When it comes to their children, we know that safety is the top concern of parents today. Our state of the art facilities are well cared for and a team of committed custodians is diligent in maintaining the physical plant. Supervision of students is a top priority from toddlers all the way through 6th grade. The Imagine More Capital Campaign has provided the funds to not only renovate the Dent Early Childhood Building (the home of Kindergarten) and build the fantastic new Reed Outreach Center (in progress), but it has also funded important security and fencing updates which have created an almost completely brand new campus over the last year! When you drop off your child at St. Alban’s, you can be at peace that they are safe and secure in a nurturing and loving educational environment.

What makes us different from other schools?

High Quality and Committed Faculty and Staff 

Let’s face it – faculty and staff are the most important resource in any school. And we have the most talented educators in Harlingen! Our teachers are compassionate, well trained and committed to presenting a dynamic educational program. Grades 4K - 6th grade teachers are 100% degreed and have an average of over 20 years of experience. Teacher turnover at St. Alban’s is very low, ensuring that our teachers are here because they love to teach!

What makes us different from other schools?

Daily chapel and religion classes 

During the school months, your children will spend approximately seven hours a day at school. That’s more time than they will spend in your home. Needless to say, it is vital that the school your children attend is not only the best education for them, but also the best place to help shape and form them into well-rounded human beings. St. Alban’s Church is committed to working hand in hand with St. Alban’s Day School to provide your child with an excellent, well-rounded environment shaping mind, body and spirit.  

What makes us different from other schools?

A climate that supports achievement 

St. Alban’s is committed to building a culture that supports our mission. Our campus hosts a diverse population and promotes a wide variety of opportunities for student success, not only academically but socially and emotionally as well. Our students excel in many areas including PSIA, chess club, music performances and sports and gymnastics events. Our rigorous academic program has resulted in much student success after leaving our school. St. Alban’s is proud of our many alumni who have had academic success in middle school, high school and college. From 2008-2011, a St. Alban’s alum was named valedictorian at Harlingen High School. Additionally, for the last several years, our alumni have comprised a significant number of students in the top 10% of both high schools.  

What makes us different from other schools?

Cutting Edge Technology 

St. Alban’s is committed to cutting edge technology that is actively used by teachers and students. Our technology program incorporates the use of a learning lab, laptops, document cameras and an interactive smart board. Preschool classrooms have access to stand alone computers in their technology center as means of introducing technology into the curriculum and our newly renovated Dent Early Childhood Building has the most cutting edge technology available! All teachers have their own Chromebook and St. Alban’s is proud to be the first elementary school in Harlingen to offer a 1:1 laptop and iPad program in 4th - 6th grade!

What makes us different from other schools?

Exceptional Enrichment programs 

Enrichment subjects are a critical component of the St. Alban’s program and our students are benefiting from outstanding offerings such as technology, physical education, music, art and foreign language. Faculty members in our special subject classes are well educated, experienced, and qualified in their area of teaching.  

What makes us different from other schools?

Service Learning and Environmental Stewardship 

St. Alban’s is committed to a community service program that teaches serving others along with the stewardship of God’s creation. Students are taught to use resources responsibly, increase environmental awareness, and to love and serve people who are in need. Our students are committed to giving to others in need through our chapel fund program and serving a variety of organizations including the Good Samaritan Center, the American Heart Association, Humane Society and our local food pantry. In 2011, St. Alban’s was awarded the Ken Bastian Service Learning Award by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. 

What makes us different from other schools?

A community which offers radical hospitality and a family feeling 

The mission of educating the “whole child-mind, body and spirit” is the guiding force behind everything we do at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church and Day School. And it is because of that mission that we have built a true community – a place where you feel a part of a family. You might not have been looking for the oldest school in town, but knowing a little bit about the background of a school can help to give you a fuller understanding of its character. St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School was founded in 1948 as a half day preschool and has grown over the past 60 years into a full-fledged preschool/elementary school with almost 250 students from 15 months of age through 6th grade. We have a strong sense of family and community and offer an unparalleled educational program within the Rio Grande Valley.