Early Childhood Curriculum

St. Alban’s Early Childhood program provides a foundation built on God, love, family and academic excellence. Our curricula are designed to create an exciting learning environment organized around major concepts and skills. The curriculum at St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School is based upon children’s interests, past experiences, and developmental levels. We are a center based program with focus on language and literacy, math and numbers, art, science, dramatic play and music. This allows the child to explore, create, experiment, and discover. The centers provide many opportunities for the child to practice new skills and to make choices and decisions within the framework of cooperative responsibility. This will ensure that each child is successful, enjoys learning, and takes pride in his/her accomplishments. Centers also allow for more individualized instruction which is at the heart of our preschool program.

3k-4k programs 

3k-4k programs are theme based and begin the introduction of Bridges Mathematics, Harcourt Reading and Handwriting without Tears.


Our Kindergarten curriculum is also taught through learning centers as well as the following programs:
• Harcourt Reading
• Handwriting without Tears
• Bridges Mathematics
• Harcourt Science
• Social Studies is based on the letter of the week, current events, and seasonal activities.

Learning is a lifetime process. Growth in learning is unique to each child.